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Mosquito netting

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

This article will explain:

  1. What mosquito netting is used for mosquito nets.
  2. The size and quantity of holes in regular mosquito nets

OK, lets start with the thickness of the mosquito netting used for mosquito nets. You can probably find this information on another page on this site but to save you time, I will go through it again now.

The denier refers to the thickness of the material or mosquito netting in our case. Our Guardian mosquito nets which include box mosquito nets and conical mosquito nets were 100 Denier but our new stock now are 75 denier.

Our mosquito net tents are 50 denier along with our Venice and Mykonos mosquito nets. You can view these nets here:

Mosquito net product range

  • The holes in the mosquito netting is 156 holes/inch2 (25 holes/cm2).
  • All our mosquito nets are 100% polyester. This is the best fabric as dirt and other materials slide off unlike cotton or natural fibers. There is no advantage in using cotton or natural fibers, you don’t stay cooler. A hole is a hole and they both let air through – unless you are physically sleeping on the netting – but why would you do that anyway!
  • The mosquito netting – be it 50 denier, 75 or 100 are all strong and your net/s should last for many years.
  • Color. Our mosquito netting comes in white, white and white. What color would you like?!
  • Sorry but we do not sell mosquito netting rolls – just mosquito nets and mosquito net tents ready made.

If I have not covered something you would like to know about in regards mosquito netting, go to the contact page and send me an email.

Cheers, Anthony

Malaria – The Facts and Figures in Brief

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

In today’s post I will just skim over some quick facts about malaria and it’s impact on the world today. Most of this information has been sourced from The Roll Back Malaria website .


  • 247 million cases of malaria/year
  • 212 Million/year in Africa, 21 million/year in Asia, 8.1 Million/year in The Middle East, 2.7 Million cases/year in the Americas
  • 881,000/year world wide die from Malaria of which 801 000 of those are in Africa. 38 000 in The Middle east, 36 000 in Asia and 3000 in The America’s
  • 3.3 Billion People are at risk of malaria (half of the World population)
  • Nigeria ranks #1 in malaria cases with over 57 million cases per year. There are over 23 million cases in The Democratic Republic of The Congo, Ethiopia has 12 million cases and Tanzania and Kenya with over 11 million cases per year.
  • 85% of children that contract malaria under 5 die from the virus
  • 40% of health spending in Sub Saharan Africa Countries goes toward fighting malaria, this has a huge impact on the economies of Africa
  • 12 billion dollars lost in annual GDP (1.3% of total)

Are we making progress in the “fight against malaria”?

The good news yes we are making progress as you can see below:

  • Up till a few years ago between 1 and 2 million people died each year from malaria. That figure is now 881 Thousand.
  • 22 Countries outside of Africa have reported 50% drop in Malaria cases.
  • Eritrea and Rwanda report a 50% drop in malaria cases between 2000 -2006-07 because of large deployment of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets (LLIN), Insecticidal sprays and diagnostic drugs.
  • In 2004 there was 12 Million LLIN’s made and distributed, in 2010 there will be 100 million Long Lasting Mosquito Nets made and distributed with the goal of covering 750 million people (this includes net already distributed and being used) by the end of this year (2010).

Why are there less people dying from malaria now?

  • The introduction of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated nets which keep people safe and kill mosquitoes –  therefore decreasing their populations. These nets are very strong and do not need to be re-treated – even after washing them more than 20 times!
  • Annual funding just a few years ago was 1.1 billion dollars and it is now over 6 billion dollars which goes towards: treated mosquito nets, insecticidal sprays, anti malarial drugs and rapid diagnostic kits.

Things are getting better because Governments, N.G.O’s, the media and citizens are all taking action to tackle malaria.

If you are wanting to purchase mosquito nets from mosquito nets online to donate to a charity of any  kind we will donate (usually) 1 net for every 10 purchased to your cause.