Mosquito netting

This article will explain:

  1. What mosquito netting is used for mosquito nets.
  2. The size and quantity of holes in regular mosquito nets

OK, lets start with the thickness of the mosquito netting used for mosquito nets. You can probably find this information on another page on this site but to save you time, I will go through it again now.

The denier refers to the thickness of the material or mosquito netting in our case. Our Guardian mosquito nets which include box mosquito nets and conical mosquito nets were 100 Denier but our new stock now are 75 denier.

Our mosquito net tents are 50 denier along with our Venice and Mykonos mosquito nets. You can view these nets here:

Mosquito net product range

  • The holes in the mosquito netting is 156 holes/inch2 (25 holes/cm2).
  • All our mosquito nets are 100% polyester. This is the best fabric as dirt and other materials slide off unlike cotton or natural fibers. There is no advantage in using cotton or natural fibers, you don’t stay cooler. A hole is a hole and they both let air through – unless you are physically sleeping on the netting – but why would you do that anyway!
  • The mosquito netting – be it 50 denier, 75 or 100 are all strong and your net/s should last for many years.
  • Color. Our mosquito netting comes in white, white and white. What color would you like?!
  • Sorry but we do not sell mosquito netting rolls – just mosquito nets and mosquito net tents ready made.

If I have not covered something you would like to know about in regards mosquito netting, go to the contact page and send me an email.

Cheers, Anthony

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