Small businesses like Mosquito Nets On-Line, only exist because of the Power of the Internet

A couple of years back I embraced the internet – in relation to business and making a living. What would I sell on-line? Well as you can read at the “about us” page on Mosquito Nets On-Line ( the obvious choice was mosquito nets – of course!

OK – not so obvious. It came about because I read a book called the four work week by Timothy Ferris (now a New York Bestseller) – a young entrepreneur who is all about maximizing ones time by focusing on the jobs or activities that take 20% of your time and give you back 80% of the benefits (when you are aware of the concept you will see it working everywhere).

Tim was earning very good money (he sells 1 unique sports supplement) to retails stores in the main, but was working 60-80 hours per week and had no life. A trip overseas was the catalyst for change. He realized that he had to stop chasing up the leads that had very low yield.

He started to apply the “80-20 rule” (mentioned above) on his own business by “outsourcing” all tasks to “virtual staff” – usually half way around the world and eliminating tasks that yield very low if any benefit to his business. He started to “streamline” his operation and I guess – he essentially “fired himself”!

Tim relays the message that you get more done with a couple of planned, focused hours of work per day – on the strategy of business, rather than “busying  yourself on low yield” menial day to day tasks that any one could do.  The outcome of freeing up your time to focus on the direction of you business and your life, is more money/hour worked, and more time to do the things you truly love doing like spending time with friends and family, playing sports, hobbies, traveling or working on other business opportunities. He says that his business then started to grow rapidly, as he was now not in way of it.

Tim also has some great “time maximizing ideas” for regular workers that have a more conventional 9-5 job and are not business owners.

So to cut a long story short, I have applied many of his and other entrepreneurs ideas in setting up mosquito nets online.

Communicating with the World

It is nice to sell good products that help people all over the World. Just Yesterday I sold 120 mosquito nets (and donated some) through a partner in Africa to an American Charity who purchased on behalf of a Ugandan School (actually the transaction to me, was “technically” done while I was sleeping in my bed – in Sydney Australia!).  So we have “players” in this scenario located in: Africa, Australia, America and the nets originally being produced in Asia!

Another Lady (in Missouri) yesterday wanted to buy 5 summer nets and wanted to know if she could have a discount.  I emailed back – “of course you can” and gave her some prices and then a few minutes later she purchased. I have the “Payment Notification” show up in my email  in-box (a beautiful sight), I cut and paste her details into “my on-line warehouse interface (account)”.  I see it is $15 to send the nets on the “shipping price estimate” and I click on “submit”. The goods are picked from my stock the next morning and leave from Chicago arriving a few days later. Now, I think that is pretty cool and I’m thankful that I can be involved in such an interesting, fun, challenging, profitable system.

Find a System and Solve a Problem

So…. I found a system that worked, and then found a product (mosquito nets) that people needed and were willing to purchase.

If you want a mosquito net delivered to you within a few days, get back onto the “product page” and if your interested in Tim’s “4 hour work week book” I have included a link just below, that will take you to Amazon Books where you can grab a copy for a few dollars – it’s a great read.

Tim’s Book: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

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