Which mosquito net to buy?

This post answers some questions that you may have about what net is right for your needs.

Will I be able to hang my net at my residence or my travel destination? If you can not or you are not sure you can hang a net,¬† the “net tents” like our “Santorini net tent is ideal (see photo below). This net tent self erects so no hook is required.

Hang-able nets come with a little material loop embedded into the net. This can be hanged of a hook or some nail or some other fixed point.

Three Basic Styles of Mosquito Nets

We have three basic net styles sold on our website. They are:

  1. Conical (round hoop at top) – which generally hang from a hook.The King size conical nets have a 60cm (2 feet) in diameter “hoop” at the top of the net. Our guardian nets hoops are made of wire and can be folded down for east storage. The Venice net hoop is made up of pieces of hard piping that fit together to make a rectangular frame at top of net. These pieces are embedded into sleeves that which are in the net. The Mykonos net hoop has light timber struts that fold out to form a stylish hexagon at the top.
  2. The Rectangular “Box” nets hang from multiple points on horizontal poles or hooks high above the bed. Below are two of our nets hang a little differently; these are photos of our customers nets – one used in the Greek Islands and one used in French Guyana (South America) .
  3. Net tent (Santorini as described above). We stock The Summer Net Tent which has two poles that fold out and are threaded through the tent . This tent has a polyester base so can be used outside.¬† The Santorini net tents erects upon opening¬† (has wires configured and built into the side of the net) and folds down into a thin, light circle which you store in it’s carry bag. Taking it down takes seconds.

All the dimensions of the nets can be found next to each of the photos on the product page: http://www.mosquitonetsonline.com/products.htm . If you click on the photo this will also take you to the products page on the main page.

Guardian Mosquito Net

Venice Net

Rectangular Mosquito net

Rectangular Mosquito net
Santorini Net Tent

Santorini Net Tent

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